Pet Grooming Brush with Mist Humidifier

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Grooming Brush with Mist Humidifier - Increases smoothness, decreases frizz & removes static electricity. Keeps hair moist in a friendly way.
Mild Auxiliary Pet Hair Dryer - Wanna remove matted hair while drying with one hand? The 2-in-1 design pet brush dryer is your solution. After bathing, we recommend pre-dry your pets with a towel and a blower dryer. Then use the iPettie dryer to finish drying and grooming.
304 Stainless Steel Brush - Soft pins on the brush are elastic and durable, which can reach deep into your pet’s undercoat without scratching their skin. What’s more, you can remove the shed hair from the brush within 1 sec, thanks to the one-button hair removal design.
3 Heat Settings – Low/Med/High (100 °F - 140°F / 40 °C - 60 °C) * Note, this dryer uses a lower heat setting than a human hairdryer to protect your pet from getting burned. *
100% Safety Guarantee - The hairdryer will automatically power off when it's overheating. And your hands won't feel burned as the double-wall design cuts off the heat. A removable filter prevents lint buildup, extending motor life.

Acceptable Noise Level

The iPettie dryer produces less than 60 dB of sound, which is friendly to pets.

3 Heat Settings

The dryer provides 60℃, 50℃ and 40℃ heat.

Removable Filter

Prevents lint buildup, extending motor life.

Step 1- Dry the body with a towel. If available, use a big hair blower machine to dry the hair to 60% Dry.
Step 2- Adjust the dryer to the appropriate setting. Blowing and combing against the direction of the hair. (Don't turn on the mist humidifier)
Step 3- Dry and brush the body coat by coat til the appearance of a satisfactory shape.

Skin and Coat Looking Lackluster? Coat Gets Dry and Brittle? Here is the Solution.
Step 1- Fully charge the mist humidifier before use.
Step 2- Add 1oz ionized alkaline water or pure the mist humidifier.
Step 3- Turn on the mist humidifier and start to comb hair all over the body, which adds moisture to the hair. And then turn on the dryer to dry and shape.