Neko NS-Smart
Neko NS-Smart
Neko NS-Smart
Neko NS-Smart
Neko NS-Smart
Neko NS-Smart
Neko NS-Smart
Neko NS-Smart

Neko NS-Smart

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New Upgrade: iPettie Smart Radar Pet Water Fountain with brand new features “Radar” & “Smart” modes, you can easily choose your ideal mode to get the product running properly while enjoy your time with your pet.

Not Just Quiet: CE certificated 2.5W low power consumption pump offers you and your fur babies a super quiet time in the room, hard to notice just like talk in whispers which can guarantee you a well sleep time.

Fun with Safe: Perfect toy and health guardian for your pets, unique diverse flowing water modes attract your pet to drink more, cleaning tasted water travel through multi-layer filtration system keeps your pets energetic.

No Hassle Maintenance: Food grade BPA free antibacterial plastic material is easy to deal with, quick assembly parts and pump can be cleaned with free hassle, which offers your pets a cleaning drinking source easily.

2L Capacity Meets Any Needs: With 2L large capacity, all you need to do is get the product installed, fill the water to proper level and set your suitable mode. Check your pets’ drinking habit and volume, change filter and clean the fountain in routine, your pets are going love this.

Have you ever worried about that your pets may drink water from some unclean water resources like toilet when you are out?
Do you have issues with some pet water fountains that are not suitable for your pets’ little hobby?

Now here comes the iPettie Smart Radar Pet Water Fountain with brand new features which can deal with all your worries!!!

1. NEW features with “SMART” & “RADAR” modes
* With “SMART” mode, there will be a blue light and the water fountain will work in a loop of flowing 2 mins and then has a 3 mins break, it helps for prolonging the usage of the filter up to 75 days.
* “RADAR” mode, LED light is white and the fountain will work on an automatic detection of moving objects (your pets) within 1.5 meters. Like automatic doors, it will turn on for 90s when your pets approach to drink, and then it will have a 15s’ break.

2. “FILTER” & “LED” unique functions
*“FILTER” indicator can be your warm reminder to remind you of changing the filter for your pets.
“LED” function can be switch on/off freely for the inner light, it will tell you the water level and give your pet a hint to drink water in the night.

3.2L huge capacity; Super quiet
*With this capacity, from small to large dogs and cats can drink for about a week, which is highly recommended for those traveling lovers!
*20,000 hrs long life AC submersible pump ensures you a quiet operation.

Cleaning the water fountain is necessary, please do not soak the water fountain in the water which will damage the product to defectivity.

Motor: Automatic Radar Electric
Water Capacity: 2 liters / 70.4 oz
Size: approx. 7 x 7x 6 inches
Input Voltage: AC120V/60HZ
Output Voltage: AC 12V
Power Consumption: 2.5 W
Pump: AC Pump
Suit for: Small & Middle size Dog or Cat

Package Content:
1 x Pet Water Fountain
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Carbon Filter
1 x Instruction Manual