Blue Piranha Shaped Squeaky Dog Chew Toys, Beef Flavor

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  • 100% Safe Natural Rubber - The power chewers can play with this almost indestructible non-toxic dog toy no matter how long they want. Designed in piranha shape, this chew dog toy has a suitable size for Giant/M/L Dogs.
  • Dental Care- The soft thorns and textured design help massage dogs' gums and clean their teeth deeply. Insisting on using this teeth-cleaning dog chew toy can effectively prevent the growth of plaque, tartar accumulation, and refresh the dog's breath.
  • Improve Chewing habit- The beef flavor is so attractive that the aggressive chewers can not say no to it. This chew proof dog toy can satisfy the instinctual chewing need of dogs and prevent destructive chewing.
  • Dog Squeaky Toy - Featured with a built-in squeaker, this squeaky chewer dog toy grabs the medium or large breed's interest for engaging games of fetch.
  • Physical & Mental Care - This super chewer dog toy helps dogs relieve anxiety and reduce boredom when nobody's at home. When pets play this interactive toy with you, you will get much closer to them.