Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain Replacement Pump

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Whisper Quiet Pump: super quiet when working in the water fountain, inaudible to you and your pet.
Durable Pump: This pump can work up to 10,000 hours, keeping creating the clean running water for your pet.
High-quality Pump: CE certificate and IP68 submersible of the pump provides you with quality and safety assurance.
Replacement for iPettie Pet Drinking Fountain Stainless Steel OR Cupcake Fountain
Package List: The package only includes 1 water pump WITHOUT POWER ADAPTER.

IP68 Waterproof & CE certificate Replacement Pet Fountain Pump for iPettie Pet Water Fountain Stainless Steel OR iPettie Cupcake Porcelain Pet Fountain

Product Specification
Dimension: 1.7 inch (L) x 1.7 inch (W) x 1.3 inch (H)
Weight: 0.44lbs
Pump Power: DC 5V
Cable Length: 5 ft
Color: Blue
Compatibility: iPettie Cupcake Porcelain Pet Fountain

Package List
1 x AC Pump

Warm Note
Please clean the pump regularly, as any particles and hair can seriously shorten the life of the pump.
Check the water level in the fountain regularly to avoid the pump’s running with no water.
It is better to have any replacement pumps and a constant and sufficient supply of filters to ensure the water quality for your pet.