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About Us

We are young and pet fanatics.

As water is the driving force of all nature, we pay much attention to the details on pets drinking issues.Our engineering team put massive efforts on researching and developing items to solve drinking problem of our furry friend. We are trying different materials and method to create the pet drinking fountain by the innovative solution.Pets make our lives whole. To help them drinking healthily and having a better life is our whole.Our sunshine doesn’t come from the skies. It comes from the love in your pets’ eyes.


Integrity --we stick to moral values that are right and that meet your expectations


Professionalism--with constant diligence and courtesy


Energy--never stop to create the innovative solution


Teamwork--all members of iPettie working together to serve you and your furry friend


Thankfulness--we value every feedback from customers


Improvement-- keep improving, pursuing higher goals


Enjoyment--making you and your pets to have a happy day!

"We turn our love and passion for pets into highly rewarding, loving and fun experiences for you and your furry friend."

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