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Great Ways to Exercise With Your cat

When cats get too little stimulus, they often get bored. This boredom manifests as a lack of exercise, which can in turn lead to behavioral problems and weight gain. On average, an overweight cat lives for two years less than a healthy one. That’s why exercise should be a daily routine for every cat. As far as getting your dog some exercise goes, it’s usually a cinch. Go for a walk, jog through the park, toss a tennis ball, throw a Frisbee—everyone knows how to get a pup moving. But what about your cat? Pet parents are often at a loss when it comes to kitty cardio.
Cat tower/cat tree
Cats love to climb. If you’d prefer that they avoid climbing on counters or refrigerators or cabinets, then a cat tower is a great toy to have.Most cat towers are made of durable material that your cat can also use as a scratching post. You can get involved in the fun by placing toys on different levels for your cat to climb up and get.
A cat tower gives your cat plenty of room to play, hang, jump and clamber. The more floors and shelters, the more challenging and fun. Hide a few kibbles and let her prove her detective skills to you. You’ll also notice your cat loves sitting at the top of the tower, playing the king of the jungle and keeping a close eye on the surroundings.
We’ve all seen the videos by now of cats (along with other animals) chasing around the dot from a laser pointer. This is very amusing for humans to watch, but can also be a great way to engage your cat in some exercise.Be extremely careful to never shine the light into your cat’s (or anyone’s) eyes, as laser pointers can be very damaging to eyesight. Your cat will love chasing around and trying to catch the elusive dot, and you’ll get a good laugh as well!
Feather Toys
Cats love feather toys because cats love birds. With that in mind, try to think like a bird.Interactive play is really important. You have to be the prey, be the bird. Let it flutter, let it tumble across the floor.”
Fish bowl can be a huge source of entertainment for your cats. If you own a real fish bowl, your cats may create havoc for it, but not our tumbler fish bowl, which is made of a durable and non-breakable material.

For kitties who respond to catnip, the plant can be a great way to kick playtime into high gear. Grow your own or look for cat toys stuffed with the good stuff.




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*We hope to give you better ideas for your pet, but this information is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian. If your pet feels bad, please take it to the veterinarian in time.

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