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How to Keep Cats Warm in Winter

Brrrrr… Winter is coming, but are you and kitty ready? It’s Winter ‘round these parts, which means that I’ve suddenly developed a large attachment on my lap.

What temperature is too cold for cats?
What Temperature Is Too Cold for Cats? As a general rule of thumb, anything below 45 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold. If the temperature dips below freezing, they are at high risk of hypothermia if they are outside for extended periods of time.

A loving cuddle on the couch together is one of the best ways to keep your cat—and yourself—warm in the winter. Here are some other tips to help your cat stay cozy:

Keep them inside
The safest place for your cat is indoors. Try to avoid keeping your feline friend in drafty rooms or garages that can get cold. Although outdoor cats grow thickened winter coats, the harsh temperatures, winds and moisture can create quite a chill for cats. Help them out by creating a warm, dry space for the coldest nights.

Warm spots
Leave out a soft blanket, towel, or pet bed in a warm room so they can snuggle up on their own when they want to rest.t’s not unusual to walk into a room and find your cat curled up in the sunniest spots. During the cooler winter months, many indoor cats will seek out the warmest spots in the house. If it’s a sunny day outside, make sure that your cat can get to a spot where she can take a nap in the sunshine.

Cat bed
Make sure you keep their cat beds and nests off the ground during the winter – cold air sinks, after all! Elevating their bed even a few feet can help protect your kitties from drafts, put them in reach of warmer air, and give them a slight activity boost since they have to jump or climb to find their cozy nest.Cat doesn’t use a pet bed? No problem! Try adding a blanket to an area where your cats prefer to lounge, or add an extra one if they already have some padding. This will give them something extra to burrow in, and again blocks those devilish drafts and the like if your cat insists on sleeping on the floor.If you have an older cat with arthritis, consider buying them a pet bed designed to soothe aching joints, which may bother them more in the colder months.

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Keep them hydrated
It is always important for your cat to have free access to fresh water at any time of the year. The simple act of putting fresh water in your cat’s bowls can help her thrive, especially during a dry winter.Feed them a nutritious diet, and make sure your cat have water which will help keep their coat thick and healthy.

Finally, don’t forget that your lap is the ultimate cat warmer, so take advantage of the colder weather and settle down with a good book in one hand, a hot beverage in the other, and your cat on your lap.


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*We hope to give you better ideas for your pet, but this information is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian. If your pet feels bad, please take it to the veterinarian in time.

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