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How to Satisfy Your Cat’s Obsessions with Running Water?

Do cats prefer to drink moving water?
The truth is, cats and dogs would prefer to drink from a trickling stream than from a still bowl of water. It's a natural thing. But a moving stream offers cool, clean, fresh water.

You put a lovely, fresh bowl of water in front of your cat and it just sits there untouched. But turn on the tap and your kitty laps up the dripping water. Their wild DNA tells them that still water can be contaminated, so they know that running water is safer. Because standing or stagnant water is more likely to be filled with disease and bacteria. Running or moving water on the other hand is typically much safer. And for your cat’s wild African ancestors, getting sick just wasn’t an option.

Your Cat Can’t See Water Very Well
While felines are well known for their superior senses and excellent night vision, they can’t actually see standing water very well. Free-flowing water is often more attractive to cats than water in a bowl. This relates to a natural instinct to avoid still water which may be stagnant. Cats might prefer moving water because they can hear it better than they can see the water in their bowl.

The dripping or running water from the tap — or the swirling water from a kitty recirculating water fountain — probably tastes better too because it's cooler and oxygenated. Plus, the movement makes the water more attractive, as you likely notice if your cat paws or splashes at the water.

The amount of water your cat needs to drink varies depending on size, activity level, health, and diet, but ranges from 5 to 10 fluid ounces per day. Research shows that even healthy cats can fall short on their daily water intake when fed only dry food. The signals in their brains that say "I'm thirsty" may not compel them to drink enough water to make up for what they're not getting in their food. Also, unlike dogs, cats are inefficient drinkers; it may require lots of lapping to take in enough water.

Because cats can concentrate their urine, they can survive on smaller quantities of water than other animals. But they also have a low thirst drive, which means that they don’t feel the need to drink water very often. Even if you’re changing your cat’s water bowl every day, it’s going to be hard to beat the taste of moving water, not only is it likely cooler but since it’s moving it’s also more oxygenated which may improve the taste of your cat.

Do cats really need a water fountain?
Cats prefer water from a filtered fountain because the water tastes fresher. Using a water fountain can help encourage hydration, which in turn reduces the burden on your cat's kidneys.

How often should you change the water in the water fountain?
If you use a fountain to keep your pet hydrated, make sure to clean it at least once a week and regularly replace the fountain filters. Make sure to keep your furry family member happy and healthy by providing him with daily fresh water and a clean water bowl.

Where to put the cat water bowl ?

  • Water is very important to cats. Clean and healthy drinking water can make your cat's life better. Some cats are really particular about drinking water. Location is essential. Put a few water bowls around the house, in areas with low foot traffic.
  • Water bowls should also not be placed anywhere near her litter box. This could make they are uncomfortable and cause her to stop eating, drinking, and using her litter box.
  • They may not even like having her food and water bowls near each other.
  • Your cat may like cold water better, on the other hand, She may not like the taste of her water either, so if you have a plastic bowl, you may want to switch it to a metal, ceramic, or glass bowl.

Even pickier cats won't use a bowl at all, and would rather drink straight from your tap. If you see you're continually tipping over her water dish and drinking the water as it spills across the floor, she's probably not doing this to spite you, but rather she's more comfortable drinking moving water.

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