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Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain
Zoom Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain

Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain

$29.99 Regular price $49.99

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Tritone Ceramic Pet Water Fountain

$29.99 Regular price $49.99

Product Features

Healthy from Inside and Out

  • Tritone pet fountain is made from high-quality natural ceramic, which is eco-friendly and non-toxic to your furry friends.
  • The dual filtration system includes two stages. A foam filter surrounds the pump to prevent hair and other large debris from entering the pump. In contrast, a carbon filter helps remove unpleasant odors and tastes and small particles, ensuring the water is clean and healthy.
  • The waterfall design adds oxygen to the water for freshness and encourages your pets to drink more.

Energy-saving and Whisper-quiet Operation 

  • Tritone runs at a low power consumption of about 2W. Keep the water level above the ‘MIN’ mark on the cone to avoid the pump running dry and burning out.
  • The quiet pump can operate for up to 10,000 hours, and when in operation, the noise you may hear is water dripping through the strainer into the bowl. 
  • The sound of the fountain won’t scare your pets while also encouraging them to stay hydrated. 

Large Capacity and Hassle-free

  • With a 2.1L/71oz capacity, it’s enough for an adult cat to drink for more than 2 days.
  • Remove the hassle of frequent water refilling, with no need to worry about water shortage for your pets. This makes it perfect if you are out of town for the weekend! 

Easy to Handle and Maintain

  • This water fountain can be easily set up and disassembled for cleaning in a few simple steps. 
  • All parts can be washed (except the plug and the pump) or wiped with a sponge or damp rag.
  • The water pump is covered with a 3-year warranty against defects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Jennifer Toner
Please sell replacement filter holders separately!

I have used other pet fountains before - plastic, stainless steel, ceramic and I like ceramic best.

This filter is the best I've found so far! All was going well for my 3 cat household, until I tried to clean my filter holder by soaking it in hot water. The water warped the plastic and it wouldn't fit together afterwards. My fault, since I should have known better than to soak plastic in hot water.

That is when I learned that the entire apparatus does not work without the filter holder, and that replacement filter holders are not sold separately!

Now, the whole fountain was available on the website for a very reasonable price, as the very helpful support contact Elsa let me know, so I bought 2, but it would have been nice to have just bought a couple of extra filter holders at a reasonable price, as I now have MANY extra, unusable parts, and I can't even donate them to charity because THIS MACHINE WILL NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT AN INTACT FILTER HOLDER.

Other fountains I've used in the past would still function without the filter housing, so if I ran out of filters or the filter housing broke I could at least keep the cats water in motion until replacements arrived.

Not this one! If that one precious part breaks, the water will not come up through the hole and cascade over the central fountain part, rendering the entire machine useless without it.

It is not very environmentally friendly to have to purchase an entirely new unit if one small part becomes unusable!

Please, ipettie, please, please consider selling replacement filter holders separately in future!

Scherer Matthias
Ich benötige einen Filter Holder top mit button der ist defekt bitte um Rückmeldung danke

Ich brauche nur den filter Button mit top der ist defekt bitte um Rückmeldung.

Excellent Fountain

I've had this fountain for three years without any issues. My cats are super spoiled—I clean the fountain daily (to remove the slime) and change the water twice a day. I replace the charcoal filter every 2-3 weeks and the foam filter every 2 months. Monthly, I disassemble the motor to clean the insides, and I use a toothbrush to clean the rubber grommet on top. I considered making a YouTube video about how I clean it, but someone has already done it. If you're thinking about buying this, I recommend it, and iPettie didn't pay me to write this. Maybe they should! 😊 YouTube video placeholder
Corina Castillo Medrano
Our ceramic cat fountain arrived shattered.

I have contacted ipettie multiple times now and have not received a response in solving this. If someone can please contact me I would greatly appreciate it.

Silent Fountain

This is the 3rd ceramic water fountain my cat has owned. She liked all three, but I, her servant, like this one the best because it’s virtually silent (unlike last two) and if I need a replacement pump, they are easy to find. This fountain does come with an extra pump so I’m sure we’ll be good for quite a while.

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