Elevated and Titled Cat Food Bowl

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  • Made from Food-Safe A5 Melamine Plastic - Way better than stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic. Food-grade, BPA free, easy to clean, dishwasher safe. *Not intended for use in Microwave ovens *
  • Detachable Double Dish Design - Can be used alone as an elevated bowl for adult cats or can be separated into two dishes for wet and dry food. The upper dish is perfect for a kitten.
  • Anti-Vomiting, Scientific Eating Height & Angle - The 6.1 inches high and 15° tilted bowl gives your pet a more comfortable eating experience and promotes a healthier angle of food from the mouth to the stomach.
  • No Whisker Fatigue - The two-dish design is shallow and wide, which keeps your pet’s face clean. The upper bowl is designed to hold 4 oz food to reduce food splash-back.
  • Anti-Slip & No Mess - The 1.2 lb. feeder with a non-slip mat, prevent your pet(s) from moving the bowl unintentionally while eating. This bowl is a good choice for your messy eater. Comes with a single non-slip mat for the upper shallow dish used alone.


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