Neverland Fountain Replacement Pump

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IP68 waterproof & CE certificate Replacement Pet Fountain Pump for iPettie Clover Cat Water Fountain

Warm Note:
Please be kindly noted to clean the pump in regular routine, Blockages and hair can seriously shorten the life of the pump.
Check the water level in the fountain regularly to avoid the pump running in a waterless case.
Cross promotion with fountain and cleaning kit will save you several bucks, add them together in your Cart.

Compatible For:
- iPettie Clover Cat Water Fountain
- iPettie Neverland Colorful Cat Water Fountain

Pump Power: DC 5V
Cable Length: 5 Ft
Dimension: 1.7" x 1.7" x 1.3"
Color: Blue
Weight: 0.2 KG

Package Content:
1 x Pet Fountain Pump