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Famous People in History and Their Bizarre Pets

Cats and dogs are cool enough on their own, but just in case you weren’t convinced about this verified fact, here are some famous people with their pets to convince you.Some of these pets had significant influences on their owners. Given how most of the pet owners on this list are larger-than-life celebrities, it’s nice to know that even they enjoyed the company of pets just like we do. Sure, maybe not all of us can afford an ocelot like Salvador Dali, but it’s nice to know that sometimes, when he wasn’t creating mind-bending and iconic surreal art, he was scratching a purring little tiger behind its ears. And Maf the dog probably gave Marilyn Monroe a peck or two on the lips, the million and one men who would have given everything to give her a kiss notwithstanding.

George Washington and his dogs
Like many an 18th-century gentleman, George Washington was a devoted dog-lover, and kept many hunting hounds at his Mount Vernon estate, including spaniels, sheepdogs, terriers, Newfoundlands and spotted dalmations. His affection for his pet pooches can be seen in the charming names he gave them – Sweet Lips, Truelove, Tipsy, Drunkard and Madame Moose. But he wasn’t just some old fool with a heart of gold, he was also fascinated by animal husbandry. When the Marquis de Lafayette – the French hero of the American War of Independence – sent him some French foxhounds, Washington quickly realised he could breed them with English foxhounds to produce an American variety: “a superior dog, one that had speed, sense and brains.”

Salvador Dali With His Ocelot Babou
“In through the revolving doors of the staidly splendid Hotel Meurice in Paris comes the great traveling show of Salvador Dalí & Co,” begins a 1969 article in Life magazine.After the Surrealist artist and his wife came “Babou and Bouba, the two ocelots given to Dalí by the head of a South American state, and they throw up as they go through the revolving doors and spread a rank jungle smell through the lobby which sets all the lap-dogs on the dowagers’ laps to howling and growling.”Instead of a normal domestic cat, Dalí kept the Colombian ocelot as his furry companion. Not that he would always admit it: as related in the new book Artists and Their Cats, by Alison Nastasi (Chronicle Books), Dalí once brought Babou out to dinner and then had to convince a frightened woman that the animal’s markings were painted on and that Babou was just your run-of-the-mill tame house cat. Ceci, as Dalí’s contemporary René Magritte might have said, n’est pas un ocelot.

Audrey Hepburn And Another Mister, Mr. Famous
Melissa Hellstern quoted Hepburn as saying, “I walk my dogs to keep me fit. I talk to my dogs, which keeps me sane. I can’t think of anything that makes one happier than to cuddle and play and start the day with a warm puppy.” She also referred to her dogs as her “little hamburgers”. Dogs were an integral part of Hepburn’s happiness and became part of her public image because they were so often by her side both on sets and in her private life.While she is often remembered as having Yorkshire terriers, Hepburn was photographed with many dogs throughout her life, including Yorkshire terriers, poodles, Jack Russell terriers, and a boxer. Her most well-known canine companion was a Yorkshire terrier appropriately named Mr. Famous. He traveled to be on location with Hepburn for her films and even appeared for a cameo in Funny Face. During breaks on set, Hepburn was known to ride her bicycle with Mr. Famous in the basket.
James Dean With Marcus, Gift He Received From Elizabeth Taylor
In September 1955, as filming of Giant (1956) was coming to an end, James Dean got a Siamese kitten from co-star Elizabeth Taylor whom he had befriended during the film's shooting. He named the cat Marcus, after his cousin. When Dean went to Salinas, California, on 30 September 1955 to participate in a car racing competition, he needed somebody to look after Marcus. His friend, actress Jeanette Doty (whom Dean had formerly dated) had agreed to take him, and the night before he left Dean visited her to bring the cat over. Along with Marcus, Dean also gave Jeanette a note with instructions how to feed and care for him. Dean would never be back to pick up Marcus.

Marilyn Monroe And Maf
If there are two things I feel strongly about, they are books about Marilyn Monroe, and books purporting to be written by dogs. Faced with a title as arch as The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of his Friend Marilyn Monroe, the staunchest critical objectivity might fail. In fact, Andrew O'Hagan's title is somewhat misleading: although certainly chock-full of the life and opinions of Maf the dog, his novel provides those of Marilyn Monroe only in sporadic and impressionistic glimpses – what you might call a "dog's-eye view".


Winston Churchill With One Of His Buddies Rufus
Churchill was actually a devoted poodle owner and held quite an affinity for his miniature poodle, Rufus, who withstood the trials of World War II by his owner's side.Churchill was an animal lover. He had pet cats and dogs such as his bulldog Dodo, poodle Rufus, wartime cat Nelson and marmalade cat, Jock.The Prime Minister's best-known cat during the war years was a big grey named Nelson. During a dinner at Chequers, the American war correspondent, Quentin Reynolds records Churchill as saying: “Nelson is the bravest cat I ever knew.




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