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Why does my cat hate when I close the door?

Cats are territorial animals. They mark as often as they can so that it's always clear what they reign over. Even though you may need to close a door to go to the bathroom, to go into your bedroom or your kitchen, what you might be missing is that the door effectively interrupts access to a part of the cat's territory.If your cat usually has the run of your home then they will consider your entire home to be their territory. As far as they are concerned the house is theirs not yours. Closing a door prevents them from accessing all parts of their own territory which is something that territorial creatures hate!

There are several reasons why cats could be meowing at closed doors. It depends on which door they’re meowing at – whether it is a door to the outside or a closed door within your home. Looking at what time of day they are meowing and which side of the door you are on from them also helps to determine what our feline friends are trying to communicate to us.

They Want to Be Let Outside
If you are on the same side of a closed door as your cat and they are meowing at it and won’t stop, they are probably trying to tell you that they want to be let outside. Exactly where they want to go depends on where the door is leading to.If they are meowing at your backdoor, it is likely because they want to be in the garden or out exploring. On the other hand, if they are in a room with you and are meowing to go out, they could be telling you they need to be let out to go and use their litter tray or that they want a drink of water. You should always let your cat have access to essentials like their litter tray and water, so try to not block them off from these.

They Want to Be Let Inside
Of course, if cats meow because they want to be let outside, they will also meow because they want to be let back in. If you have an outdoor cat and see them waiting outside your front door or backdoor and vocalizing, they’ve likely had enough of exploring and are ready to come back in for a nap. If you do have an outdoor cat, I suggest getting a catflap so your kitty can come and go and she wishes.

They Want to Be with You
If your cat is shut out of the room you’re in and they’re meowing at you from the outside, they probably want to be with you. Although independent creatures, cats can get lonely and love being around their owners. This could be why your cat waits outside your bedroom door as you sleep. They just want to see you! If you hear your cat meowing, let them in and have some kitty cuddles.

They Are Calling for a Mate
Many owners have had their cats spayed or neutered, and so this point is redundant. However, for any cat that hasn’t and is still reproductively intact, your cat could be calling at a door leading to the outside as they are looking to mate.Female cats in heat will meow at the door to communicate with males in the surrounding area that they are ready to reproduce and want to find an active mate. You will be able to tell if your female cat is in heat as they will also start excessively rubbing their bodies against you and other objects in your home and become much more affectionate.

Males, on the other hand, will be meowing to you as they want to be let outside so that they can gain access to these females. Cats in heat will release powerful sex pheromones that male cats will be able to smell from miles away. They are instinctively drawn to this smell and can be pretty persistent in getting outside if there is a female in heat nearby.

Your cat keeps meowing at the door because they are trying to communicate with you. But exactly what they are trying to communicate could be one of several things. They may wish to go outside because they’re bored or curious, or they could want to come into the room you’re in for some attention. Alternatively, they could be telling you they want their breakfast or greeting you, or could be suffering from cognitive impairment.

After ruling out medical issues, you can encourage your cat to stop meowing by giving them the most fun possible. Provide lots of love and affection, play with them regularly, and try different feeding schedules so you aren’t woken up early. More importantly, don’t scold your cat when they meow. If they are meowing for no reason, ignore them and they will learn to stop eventually.


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