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Winter Water That Can Put Your Dog in Danger

Your dog is at an even higher risk of dehydration when it’s hot than you are because he can’t sweat. The only sweat glands on a dog are on his paws, and those are not enough to keep him cool. The higher risk factor of dehydration comes from their inability to cool their body as quickly. Water is the key to keeping your dog cool, healthy, and happy.

Q.Why Do Dogs Drink More Water In The Winter
We all expect our pups to drink a lot of water when the weather turns hot outside. But have you ever noticed that your dog actually may drink more water in the winter months? If so, you are not alone. Many of us have noticed this and wondered why dogs drink more water in the winter.During the cold winter months, the humidity levels in the atmosphere are actually lower. With the lower humidity, your dog can easily become dehydrated if he or she is not drinking enough water. There are many reasons why staying hydrated is important for your dog's bodily functions. One such process is the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (or ATP). ATP is a molecule present in all living tissue that provides the energy for physiological processes in the body. When dehydration occurs the blood flow delivering oxygen to the cells is decreased and ATP is made at a much slower rate. More simply stated, cold weather takes a lot out of the body. Extra energy is needed for your pup to stay warm and for his or her body to produce adequate ATP levels. Making sure that they have a sufficient source of clean drinking water at all times is very important to your fur baby's overall health. Especially during the colder months when any exposed water source may be likely to freeze. Most experts recommend not giving your pup ice-cold water, as it can contribute to lowering their body temperature in the already cold winter weather.

Q. Do dogs drink more water in winter?
Heated houses are usually drier houses, and indoor dogs can easily become dehydrated. Just like you, your dog is about 80 percent water, which is crucial for digestion, circulation, and elimination. So keep that water bowl full and clean; wash it daily to prevent bacterial buildup.

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Reasons why your dog won't drink water?
If you’re a dog owner, you probably have experienced your thirsty friend run over to his water bowl and make a complete mess as he slops up gulp after gulp. As distressing as this can be, it’s even more distressing to see that your dog won’t drink any water. If you’ve noticed that your dog’s water intake has decreased down to almost nothing, you’re probably going to find yourself starting to worry.

Change in weather
One reason that your dog may not be drinking much water is a change in weather. When fall comes around, many dogs will slow their water intake causing their parents to be alarmed. There’s a good chance they just aren’t as thirsty because of the cooler temperatures. This also goes for if your dog hasn’t gotten much exercise.Without a high level of exertion, they may not be as interested in slopping up a gallon of water as soon as they reach their bowl.

New places

If you’re in an unfamiliar or new place, your dog may behave a little different in general. They might not be as lively and may not eat or drink as they normally would. Dogs have very sensitive noses and if they smell a water source that they aren’t used to, their genetic makeup will possibly tell them that it isn’t safe.

Old age
As your dog gets older, he may start to drink less water. It could be because it’s a lot of effort to go into the other room or simply because his thirst and hunger receptors are starting to diminish. Older dogs don’t tend to get the same amount of exercise as younger ones and don’t exert themselves as much. It’s to be expected that your dog won’t drink as much water.However, if you have an older dog you still need to make sure they’re drinking some water.

Anxiety is also a potential reason why your dog won’t drink water. It could be that one of the kids left for college, there’s been a death in the immediate family, or a divorce. In this case, your dog is experiencing severe separation anxiety. That kind of change can really affect your canine companion and he may lose his desire to eat and drink.

How to help your dog who won't drink water ?
Sometimes you just need make drink water is fun things for your dog. Moving water it is always a good choose for your dog. Pick up a good pet water fountain it will help your dog drink water and also help you. Some tricks to getting your dog to consume water are to add a little water to his dry food making it moist.

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